This is my sister & her cute family. My kids & her kids are close to the same ages, so we have a blast every time we get together.  I just wish my family wasn’t so spread out so that we could get together more often.  Right now my siblings live in Texas, Colorado, North Dakota, New Zealand, & Mexico. We are currently living in Wyoming, but are getting ready to move to Idaho.  Can it get any more spread out than that?!  I can’t wait to see most of them at our family reunion this summer. These pictures were taken when they lived in Pennsylvania where the scenery is breathtaking, especially in the Fall!

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The journal cards used in this layout are from: Maggie Holmes Styleboard Mini Kit

The background paper (slightly recolored) is from: The Maggie Holme’s Collection by Crate Paper

Today’s layout was created using the template below. You can purchase it in my SHOP.

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Today’s layout is the beginning of a scrapbook that I’m putting together for my sister, Emily.  She, her husband Scott, & their 9-month old baby, Carter, just started a year long journey where they will live in twelve countries in twelve months.   They just left for their very first country…New Zealand!  You can follow their adventures on their blog: TWELVECOUNTRIES.COM.  They’re a super fun couple (with the cutest baby EVER) & they take amazing pictures!  So if you’d like to see what it would be like to take a trip around the world, you’ll want to be sure to follow them!

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Supplies are from the “CARTE POSTALE” Collection by Basic Grey found HERE.

Below is the template I used in today’s layout.  You can purchase the collection HERE.

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In honor of National Scrapbook Day on May 3rd, I’ve decided to post a layout a day for the entire month!  I’ll be using templates from the new template packs I’ve been busy creating.  The first collection will be available in MY SHOP tomorrow!  I’ll be adding more template collections throughout the month.  I hope this challenge inspires you to get your photos off of your hard drive & into your albums.  And I have to say…it sure feels good to be scrapbooking again!  I hope you enjoy today’s layout…

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Supplies are from the “STORYTELLER” Collection by Crate Paper found HERE.

Below is the template I used for today’s layout.  You can purchase the collection in my shop HERE.

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