Thoughts_Title_Day27Thoughts_Quote_Day27Thoughts_Day27_01Yesterday we talked about freewriting & today we’re going into more detail about how to make it more powerful. One way to do this is through using journaling prompts.  Jiri Novotny said, “Prompts are open-ended phrases to warm you up & to send your mind into unanticipated directions. They allow you to find many hidden jewels that you would not otherwise discover.”

One way to come up with a powerful journaling prompt is to ask yourself a question about something. We’ve already discussed the power of questions in this challenge, so you should be able to come up with some good ones. One suggestion is to take a quote that really moves you & to ask yourself a question about it. This can get your mind thinking & give you plenty to write about.

Also, remember to keep your prompts “open-ended”. You don’t want to go into it with the “answer” already in your mind. That would defeat the purpose of having you think about something more deeply. The idea is to generate thoughts & ideas that have never occurred to you before…this is what leads to those “ah-ha” moments.

TRY THIS: Write down a journaling prompt & set your timer for 10 minutes. Review what I wrote yesterday about freewriting & then go for it! Write as fast as you can without stopping & without worrying about what is coming to your mind. Just write & see what you come up with!  Remember, the idea here is not to write an essay that you would publish…so don’t “edit” what you write. This is an exercise to help you begin to think deeper, so have fun with it!

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  1. I would love to have the complete 30 days of the gratitude challenge. I loved the last 3 days that I was able to read. I just couldn’t get any more to pull up. Thank you for doing so much good by sharing your amazing out look on life. It truly is “As a man thinketh, so is He”

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