I just finished listening to the audiobook “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. It was a fascinating study on how habits shape our lives without us even realizing it. The quote above came at the very end of his book & was closely followed by this quote: “Habits & patterns are the unthinking choices & invisible decisions that surround us every day, which, just by looking for them, become visible again…and once they are visible, they are within our control.” How motivating is that?!? At least I know it was for me. How often do you find yourself saying, “That’s just the way I am.” Or, how often do you give yourself a label like, “I’m not a morning person…never have been, never will be.” When you give yourself an excuse to be mediocre or label yourself as a certain type of person, all you are doing is reinforcing the HABIT that you have created. YOU ARE NOT YOUR HABITS… so stop labeling yourself by your habits. You are a child of God & are therefore capable of becoming anything you want to be. The moment you choose to BELIEVE you can change & have the DESIRE to change, is the moment you gain access to the POWER to change.

So are you ready for today’s challenge? It’s time to “look” for your bad habits & make them “visible” again! Here’s how…

– Write down all of the labels you have given yourself by saying “I am…(or)I am not…” (Ex: I’m not creative, I’m unorganized, I’m shy, I’m a procrastinator, etc.)

– Once you have your list, you can change the wording from “I am…(or)I am not…” to “I have developed the HABIT of being…” (un-creative, unorganized, shy, a procrastinator)

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Because you have now identified your habits & made them “visible” again. When they were “labels” you put on yourself, you were more likely to feel like there was nothing you could do about them. You fell into the trap of thinking: “That’s just the way I am.” But a HABIT can be changed!!! Is it easy at first? No! That’s why you have to BELIEVE in yourself & have a DESIRE to change…but it is possible! And it is definitely worth it! And the beauty of a HABIT is that… Once something becomes a HABIT, it then becomes EASY!

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