My mom told me a story she heard at a conference from inspirational speaker Lisa Nichols. It has always stayed with me & I want to share it with you today because I feel it goes perfectly with the quote above…

When Lisa was 15 she was on the swim team and although she loved to swim, she was terrible when it came to her swim meets. She had a wall full of “honorable mention” ribbons because she had never placed in a race. She decided she had had enough & was ready to quit. She told her grandma that she was done with swimming & her grandma said these words to her: “A quitter never wins & a winner never quits. You’re entitled to get tired & take a rest…but you always have to come back out & keep going.” Then she told her that no grandchild of hers was a quitter & that she was going to compete in her swim meet tomorrow. Lisa said, at that point, she had no choice but to say “Yes, maam.” The next day, her swim team arrived late & she was put with the 17-18 yr old girls (remember, she was only 15). Her heart sunk because she knew she was going to come in dead last…again. But right before the whistle blew, she remembered her grandmother’s words: “Quitters never win & winners never quit.” The whistle blew & she jumped into the water. She repeated the words “Winners never quit & quitters never win”, over & over again to herself as she swam harder than she ever had in her life. She saw someone beside her & was determined that she was not going to come in last…”Winners never quit & quitters never win!” She continued to repeat her mantra. As she hit the wall, she looked up & didn’t see a single swimmer next to her. She thought she was so slow that everyone had already gotten out of the water. And then her coach came running up to her, screaming & pointing to the pool. Lisa saw the other swimmers & they were still swimming! She thought she must have missed an entire lap & stopped early until her coach told her she had just broken the national record for the 17-18 year old division! Lisa couldn’t believe it & her coach demanded to know what had happened. She said that at all her other swim meets she would repeat to herself, as she was swimming: “I don’t want to lose…I don’t want to lose…”, but this time she chanted, “Winners never quit & quitters never win!”

It was the only difference, but it had made ALL the difference. Lisa had been physically prepared for her swim meets, but she had been mentally unprepared to win. Once she changed the thoughts that had been running through her mind, she was able to do what she had been capable of doing all along.

So what do you say to yourself over & over again? Is it similar to: “I don’t want to lose.”  Or does it sound more like “Winners never quit & quitters never win”?

It’s your choice & it WILL make all the difference.

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  1. I just saw that you are doing the challenge again, so I will jump in and start now. I love your challenges and insites. Very inspiring!
    Regarding this particular post, my mother always said this as well and it has made a big difference in my life! Also in situations when I would say “I can’t do it”, she would always say “Can’t doesn’t exist…………you either don’t know how, or you don’t want to…….but you CAN do it!” I find myself saying these things to my own daughter, when she feels she wants to quit or feels like she can’t do something. The biggest lesson I learned from it is that there is no glass ceiling on my abilities and I shouldn’t limit my goals because of my own insecurities! Very powerful!!

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