Elf on the Shelf – Everything You Need to Create a Fun & Meaningful Holiday Tradition

I’ve teamed up with my very dear friends,  Kristina Proffitt & Rebecca Cooper, to bring you the ultimate “Elf on the Shelf” collaboration! Every year Kristina puts out a free elf planner & this year I was super happy when she asked me to help design it! I also teamed up with Rebecca to bring you some cute printables for documenting this super fun holiday tradition.

As I was designing, I was trying to think of a way to make our elf adventures even more meaningful this year. I finally came up with the idea of having the elf bring the “gift of gratitude” with him daily through journaling prompts.


This is how it works:

Every day, your elf will show up with a “Countdown to Christmas” tag & a gratitude journaling prompt printed on the back (just print out the cards, punch a hole in the top of the tag, add some twine, & you’re ready to go!).

When your elf shows up on Thanksgiving day, you’re kids will find a wrapped present, along with the following letter…

Hello Friends!

I am so excited to be back!

For Christmas this year, Santa wanted to give you one of the best gifts of all: the gift of gratitude! But he didn’t want to wait until Christmas morning. He wanted you to experience this gift throughout the entire holiday season!

So every day I’m going to remind you about a gift that you already have. And every day you get to write about it in your gratitude journal! On Christmas eve, leave your gratitude journal out for Santa to read!

You don’t often get a chance to give Santa a gift, but reading your gratitude journal will be the best gift you could ever give him!

I’m so excited to start this new holiday tradition with you! I can’t wait to read what you’ve written, so be sure to leave your journal out every night! I’ll be back every day with something new to be grateful for!


Your Elf

*Note: You’ll want to purchase a journal for your kids to write in every day. This can be one journal for the whole family to share…or you can get a journal for each of your kids…your choice!  Wrap it up & put the letter from your elf on top so your kids can open it the first day your elf arrives!

I’m super excited to bring the spirit of gratitude into our holiday season & I hope you’ll join me too!


Head on over to Kristina’s blog to download our free elf calendar! It’s full of fun ideas to make hiding your elf stress-free & fun for the whole family!



This is the digital kit that Rebecca & I created to document all of your elf’s adventures this year! You could even print out the cards & use them during the month with your elf!



And finally, be sure to check out Rebecca’s blog where she’s posted over 40 pictures of fun ways to hide your elf!



Thank you so much for stopping by! We hope we’ve helped bring a little more Christmas joy to your holiday elf this year!

Freebie on the Fifth – November Edition

It’s time for another “Freebie on the Fifth”! Rebecca, Kristina, & I hope you enjoy our November edition. If you like them, we hope you’ll share the preview below on your different social media sites! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

You can download my freebie HERE.

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Mood Board Monday – Edition #6

I’ve taken a break from “Mood Board Monday” due to having a baby & my 2015 Life Planner Sneak Peeks.  This will be the only MBM post for the month of October as I concentrate my time & efforts on the other two for a while.  I’m sure I’ll be back in November with some more MBM inspiration for you, but for now I hope you enjoy today’s edition! Is anyone else as excited for Halloween as I am?! I love this time of year!

Today’s Mood Board also coordinates with our “Freebie on the Fifth” this month! Download the printable & digital cards HERE for free!

Crystal Wilkerson's Mood Board Monday -  Edition #6

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Freebie on the Fifth…October Edition

It’s time for another “Freebie on the Fifth” edition! Rebecca, Kristina, & I love Halloween so we were excited to put together a cute set of cards to celebrate! If you like them, we hope you’ll share the preview below on your different social media sites! Have a wonderful October!!!


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Crystal Wilkerson's October Edition of "Freebie on the Fifth"!

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(If they’re not up right away, just check back. Their posts should be up by the end of the day.)